CMHC Insured Financing


Obtaining CMHC insurance provides a borrower client with two primary benefits:

  • 1) a lower interest rate
  • 2) the ability to readily obtain financing at the time of mortgage renewal


IC Funding will make a direct application, negotiate and obtain an independent CMHC Certificate of Insurance on your behalf. This independent insurance enables the borrower to review a variety of financing options, instead of just one offered by a specific lender. IC Funding will identify the competitive interest rate, terms and conditions available in the market, fixed for terms of up to 30 years.


Independent CMHC insurance maintains the ability for IC Funding clients to consider different options and pricing during the period of CMHC application. Our clients save money because they are not tied to the interest rate offered by a direct lender CMHC application. They are not forced to accept a “choice of one” lender pricing.


IC Funding remains in constant communication with senior executives at CMHC. The strong relationship has provided our team with a deep understanding of CMHC’s underwriting approach. We know how to efficiently navigate the approval process and obtain the optimum loan amount, covenant requirements and hold back allowances available.


Beyond the CMHC insurance and selection of the preferred lender, IC Funding will manage the transaction closing process of funding on your behalf until all funds are dispersed, while you remain focused on your business.